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These are some of the questions we are frequently asked:
Q. I have a reed rattling / making a buzzing sound. What would cause this? A. This could be due to rust deposits on the side of the reed or corrosion on the reed shoe. It could be as simple as the reed becoming loose or a small piece of dirt trapped between the reed and the shoe (or even a hair!)
Q. The notes on my concertina are making a "burbling" sound. What is this? A. This is probably a valve problem. Valves may not return to lie flat, or could curl up. The short term fix is to straighten the existing valve if possible, although revalving is usually the long term answer.
Q. Is it safe to send my concertina through the post? A. It is always advisable to ensure that adequate insurance is added to the postal service. We generally use Royal Mail's Special Delivery service. It's quick (less time for instrument to be in transit) and has good insurance cover. Usually costs about 28
Q. How can I repair my leaking bellows? A. If repairable, this is best done with some very finely skived leather stretched over the hole/tear and glued in place with rabbit skin/hide glue or diluted PVA glue. AVOID electrical tape, self adhesive tapes or impact and epoxy resins. We are skilled in making invisible repairs. Alternatively, if there is extensive leaking, consider new bellows.
Q. Do you offer a guarantee? A. Although we never expect problems we offer full, no quibbles guarantees with all our work and 12 months on all instruments we sell.
Do you have a question? If so, post it on our message board. If we don't answer it, someone else might!
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